Karadoo Finance Limited (“Karadoo”) is fully authorised by the FCA for:

  • Peer to peer business lending
  • Peer to peer consumer lending
  • Equity crowdfunding

Karadoo’s first fundraising platform, DonateMySchool, was launched in January 2019. It quickly became the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping schools across the country to successfully raise funds for a diverse range of projects from new library books to whole new classrooms!

In 2020 DonateMySchool proudly played a critical role in the COVID-19 crisis, helping schools to find the financial resources to provide laptops for pupils to learn from home, and for supermarket vouchers for kids who would otherwise have received a free school meal.


In April 2020 Karadoo took InvestMyCommunity from conception to launch in just four weeks.

The launch of InvestMyCommunity has taken Karadoo from being a niche player serving 28,000 schools to providing a suite of digital fundraising services to every community organisation in the UK, specifically places of worship, local charities, sports clubs and small businesses.

Together there are more than 6 MILLION of these valuable community assets providing a huge addressable market for us.

These organisations ALL face common challenges:

  • They need to secure more funds so that they can deliver the positive social impact to the people, families and communities that both support them, and rely on them,
  • They need a digital fundraising solution as the use of cash rapidly diminishes (accelerated by COVID-19), and
  • They need digital fundraising resource and expertise

Whilst initially offering donation fundraising, it will shortly offer donation, loan and equity fundraising on a single platform and facilitate gifting or investment online, via an app or via contactless terminals.

Due to the rapid success of InvestMyCommunity, we have decided to shortly roll DonateMySchool into InvestMyCommunity from early 2021. InvestMyCommunity will be the UK’s only “one-stop shop” for the fundraising needs of any Community Organisation!

Take a look at here.

Corporate and Partnership

Karadoo is always happy to explore innovative solutions to improve and expand its service to our clients.

We are also delighted to explore mutually beneficial partnerships with service providers that improve our service, or enhance our offer, for the benefit our clients.

To discuss these or any other “corporate” matters, please contact:

Chris Rose – CEO
Tel: 01225 312388 ext. 303